11 may. 2012

Marley movie premiere in Kingston, Jamaica

The movie about Bob Marley was premiered in Kingston at Emancipation Park on April 19.

The documentary "Marley" was recently premiered in Emancipation Park, Kingston. The event, which was free and open to the public, attracted thousands of patrons who came to see the latest film.

Marley, which is directed by Kevin MacDonald, filled in the gaps to several unanswered questions for music lovers and people who have been following the life of one of Jamaica’s greatest reggae icons.

The film highlighted some areas never publicly seen before, for example pictures of his visit to Germany for treatment and interviews with the doctor and nurse who treated him. It also showed interviews with close friends and associates of Bob Marley such as Neville Garrick, Alan "Skill" Cole, Chris Blackwell, the I-Threes and more.

More than any other film previously released, this one tried to portray the type of person Bob Marley really was. Emancipation Park was filled with foreign and local media, members of the Rastafarian community and members of the Marley family.

The walkway from the statues at Emancipation Park leading inside the venue was lined with red, green and gold. This did not go down too well with some members of the Rastafarian community and created a bit of controversy. However, when the film started all eyes were glued to the main screen and the other big screens located in the park.

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In the end it was a proud moment for all to see this man who rose from a humble beginning in Nine Miles, St. Ann. If you are a fan of reggae music or Bob Marley this documentary is a must see.

Source: unitedreggae.com