9 mar. 2013

Ziggy Marley Writes Children's Book, "I Love You Too"

Ziggy Marley has written a children's book. The five-time Grammy winning reggae singer and son of Bob's first book, I Love You Too, has been available on the Nook since early January, and will be released in hardcover and on iTunes on March 7th.

According to a press release, the book is based on the song of the same title from Ziggy's children's album "Family Time."

"This book is close to my heart because it was a spontaneous exchange between me and my then 3 year old daughter Judah," Marley is quoted as saying. "It expresses something so true; it should be repeated as often as possible."

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Marley played Ernie in the movie Shark Tale, and has previously appeared on Sesame Street. He's also not the first famous musician to write for kids - Madonna wrote The English Roses, LeAnn Rimes wrote Jag about a jaguar afraid of water, Sting wrote a version of the Noah's Ark story, and a Bob Dylan song Man Gives Names To All the Animals also became a book.

However, most of these were critical failures. It's a little early to say how this book will fare, but the three customer reviews on the Nook edition's page at the time of writing were all five stars.

Source: huffingtonpost.com