21 ago. 2019

Founding member and front man of #ThirdWorld Stephen "Cat" Coore is singing the praises of Damian "Junior Gong" Marley for his efforts on the band's latest project: More Work To Be Done

The 11-track album officially dropped last Friday and Marley's efforts are all over the project from songwriting credits to his role as producer. Speaking at the local launch of the album, Coore noted that Third World is 100 per cent behind what Marley has brought to the project.

"I thought the reaction so far has been really good and I think that the more people listen to this album they will realise the real love and harmony that went into it. It took four years of hard work and Damian just wouldn't stop until he got it right. He believed in every song himself and I really admired him for the work he put into this project. I love him very much, he is like my own son, he grew up with my son Shiah and I really admire how he looks at life, how he handles himself and has gotten to the top of his game."

"Us getting together with Damian is really like a God-given thing. I had a vision many years ago to redo 96 Degrees featuring Damian and Stephen (Marley). Everybody was good and then Damian came to me and said what about an album? He shared that one of his great hopes and ambitions was to produce an album for his uncles, from that it just started to energise and gel and grew from strength to strength," he shared.

Coore further said that the independent of Damian the band decided to participate in a songwriting workshop so by the time they were ready to record with Marley they already had material written and waiting. Only one of those tracks made it to the current album as Marley told the band he wanted to go in another direction with the project.

"He brought a connection between his generation and us. That is the most important thing he brought to this work. He brought an energy, whereby Baby Cham would be in the studio with us; Kabaka Pyramid was also in the studio, he made that wonderful connection between his generation and us. And that is what it was all about for me. That helped to spawn all the good things that happened. As you see people like a Busy Signal was on the track. He also made everybody who came to perform bring their A game. There is no mediocre performance on this album," said Coore.

Source: jamaicaobserver.com