sábado, 6 de octubre de 2018

Ganjoman Meets Dj Blackness 'The Mixtape' #VenezuelaReggae

Vídeo realizado en la cuidad de Caracas, en los estudios de Venezuela Ghetto Youth, Ghama Records, espacios abiertos del teatro Teresa Carreño y La Patana Cultural. El mixtape cuenta con cuatro temas de la autoría de Ganjoman mezclados y producidos por Dj Blackness y Ganjoman desde los estudios de Venezuela Ghetto Youth. Agradecimientos especiales a Femelles Sound, Reggae BPM, Machete Store, Yeye Omega y Smokerolla por hacer todo esto posible.

Artistas: Ganjoman y Dj Blackness.
Dirección y edición: Yisaka Zambrano y Carlos Castellanos.

martes, 14 de agosto de 2018

Mad Caddies' Punk Rocksteady

Rockabye Baby is a music label that creates cover albums in the style of lullabies; taking famous songs by Iron Maiden or Green Day and turning them into gentle instrumental tracks. This exists so that parents can listen to music they love and recognize, while soothing their child.

In a lot of ways, Mad Caddies' Punk Rocksteady feels like Rockabye Baby for Adults. Taking twelve classic punk songs and giving them a reggae makeover; transforming these famous songs of fire and fury into easily listenable tracks that can be played around the house on a Sunday afternoon.

The tracklisting is solid; twelve classic punk songs ranging from The Misfits to Against Me!, with a healthy serving of tracks from fellow Fat Wreck Chords labelmates. The song choice alone puts the record off to a great start, picking tracks that showcase punk's secret penchant for melody.

sábado, 28 de julio de 2018

The Interrupters Give Explosive Performances of 'She's Kerosene' & 'Take Back The Power' on Jimmy Kimmel Live

California ska punks, The Interrupters brought their explosive energy to Jimmy Kimmel Live! for a performance of "She's Kerosene," and "Take Back the Power," on Thursday night (July 26, 2018).

Revitalizing the third wave ska sound of the '90s and early 2000s, the group combines reggae rhythms and the blistering speed and attitude of skate punk for a fresh take on the genre. Comprised of the three Bivona brothers and lead vocalist Aimee Interrupter, they hit the stage in sharp suits and in the singer's case, a leather jacket. With their name projected repeatedly in big white letters behind them, Interrupter got her face right into the crowd as she screamed rebellious lyrics including, "I've been burned for the last time" from "She's Kerosene," and "Whatcha gonna do/ When they show up in black suits/ On your street in army boots," from "Take Back The Power."